Welcome and get ready to travel the world via your kitchen!  I feature a lot of international dishes but also love American comfort foods.  I have a cookbook that translates from German to “cooking creates joy”.  I live by this motto.  My hobbies include: baking, cooking, cheesemaking, beer making, and I’ve even made my own wine.  You could call me a real DIYer.  I have traveled a bit and every time I travel and got to try a delicious dish.  Of course I was missing it back home.  So I decided to try different recipes from the type of dish I tried, till it most closely resembled what I loved.  I also had a Hungarian and a German grandmother and both were excellent cooks!  If you are looking to try some global recipes you came to the right place.  I love to share recipes either from inspiration from traveling, family recipes, and looking up foreign dishes.  I also come up with some original recipes and tweak some classics to improve moistness and flavor based on my knowledge and cooking experience.

Both mother and grandmothers have taught me a lot about classic European cooking and baking. But sometimes I like to venture out of my comfort zone and try exotic international dishes.  Every country has wonderful dishes to offer and one would be missing out by always sticking to the same.  So get out of your comfort zone and try something different.  You may find your new favorite recipe may be something you would have never thought of.

Aside from my cooking hobbies I like to donate and help animals.  I found this sweet and beautiful cat at a shelter believe it or not!  Pets always offer the most loyal friendship and this one’s a real cuddle bug.